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3D Printing and the Race for Air Domination

3D Printing and the Aviation Industry

When most people hear about 3D printing, we think of smaller items that you can use around the house. But the concept of 3D printing is not limited to knick-knacks or products that you can use around the house. There are very real commercial and military uses for 3D printing – and the aviation industry is a great place to look for those answers. It is incredible how aero engineers are using 3D printing as a means for obtaining better product design and quicker manufacturing for military aircraft and accessories.

3D Printing and the Aviation Industry

It was in 2016 when we saw the first aircraft that was made using 3D printing. At the time, we did not realize the connection between 3D printing and military aircraft, but it was obvious. Airbus introduced us to an aircraft that was made exclusively with 3D printing. The entire structure weighed 21kg and was about four meters in [...]

3D Printing SLS Design Guide

Selective Laser Sintering Design Guidelines
SLS Design Guide Selective Laser Sintering Design Guidelines

This SLS Design Guide is to guide those interested in the layered Additive Manufacturing process known as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) which allows for the direct digital manufacture of complex parts that may be cost-prohibitive and/or impossible to produce through traditional manufacturing processes. eg: internal features, undercuts, and negative drafts.


Meeting all design requirements including physical properties, dimensional tolerances, appearance and cost is what differentiates a prototype from a production part. Typically, prototype parts involve compromises in one or more areas and almost always involve compromises in physical properties.

SLS produces parts from impact-resistant engineering plastic, great for low- to mid-volume end-use parts, enclosures, snap-fit parts, automotive moldings and thin-walled ducting.While the SLS process has been around for years, recent advancements in materials and process control have resulted in parts that are suitable for many production applications.


PRO – Complex shapes can be [...]

Not all manufacturers are fully vertically integrated and can take a product from prototype to production in-house.  Even the largest Fortune 500 companies outsource elements of projects for prototypes and production parts and assemblies.

Why do they do this?  How can you take advantage of providing 3D Printing services to manufacturers? Despite having a variety of resources at their disposal ‒ sometimes including their own 3D printing machines ‒ outsourcing for these firms can be a faster, less expensive and less problematic.

Below are the top five reasons why companies should outsource their 3D Printing.


Even for large companies that have their own 3D printers, resource constraints can cause bottlenecks in production.  If a firm’s 3D printers are tied up on other projects, teams can’t get parts built fast enough.  As a solution, outsourcing this production allows them to harness additional capacity.

To help reduce lead times, Klacam utilizes multiple machines with the same technology and material, [...]

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