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Affordable Prosthetics for Kids and Adults: Introducing the “Hero Arm”

A revolution that could change the lives of children and adults with missing arms

The idea of affordable prosthetics was an alien concept a couple of decades ago – let alone customizable prosthetics that are tailored to each individual wearer. Open Bionics, a United Kingdom-based prosthetics company has taken the lead in producing prosthetics that are not only state of the art, but also within the budget of the average person. It is a revolution that could change the lives of children and adults with missing arms.

The “Hero Arm” is the latest 3D printed prosthetic to make the news. However, the major difference between this model and the others we have seen is its affordability. It is not a product that would cost tens of thousands of dollars. It is typical for a patient to pay through the roof for a prosthetic arm. Some are lucky enough to have good insurance coverage, while most have to put up the majority of the money out of pocket.


Affordable [...]

3D Printing and the Future of Medicine

Medical 3D printing is already a genuine phenomenon

3D printing may not have many current uses for the individual consumer, but its impact on the medical profession is hard to overstate. Medical 3D printing is already a genuine phenomenon, and the applications are only going to get more advanced in the coming years. Very soon, it will be possible for medical professionals to construct human tissue in a lab, and then implant it into a patient’s body. Moreover, that is just the beginning!

3D Printing is Altering the Medical Landscape

The most commonly known applications of medical 3D printing include items such as hearing aids, braces, prosthetics, implants and 3D printed models. It may not sound like much that a doctor can print out a hearing aid, Invisalign braces or custom-made prostheses for patients, but it is a massive step for the medical community.

Medical 3D printing has a double impact on the profession. Firstly, it reduces costs to manufacture items that were [...]

Top 10 3D Printed Medicinal Applications Available Right Now

Top 10 3D Printed Medical Applications

The medical industry is known for its forward-thinking approach, which is why so many new drugs, surgical methods, disease cures and other advancements are made. And one of the tools that the medical industry has been using to its advantage is 3D printing. There are countless medicinal applications and tools that 3D printing is bringing to the industry, and we are going to look at the top ten applications below.

3D Printing: Improving Economics in the Medical Space

We are seeing yet another giant leap forward in the 3D printing world

3D printing has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. We have seen the onset of automotive breakthroughs, breakthroughs in home construction, automation and in aerospace. The medical engineering space is no different.

However, now we are seeing yet another giant leap forward in the 3D printing world: Medical economics.

Through various means, 3D printing is now saving money for payers, patients, and providers across the board.

It does this through several processes.

The first of these process is streamlined development.


3D Printing and Accelerated Development

One of the most intriguing aspects of 3D printing, is its ability to develop fully functioning prototypes, as well as end-use products.

While 3D printing is not known for fast production when it comes to overly complex or large production models. However, when it comes to components and [...]

3D Printing and Viable Medical Applications

There are so many industries where 3D printing is making an impact...

While there are so many industries where 3D printing is making an impact, those impacts pale in comparison to how it could revolutionize the medical applications and healthcare industries.

There are a few different types of medical applications for 3D printing, and those include tissue and organ fabrication, customizable prosthetic creation, implants and anatomical models. Not all these methods are fool proof, but the progress that has been made over the past few years is very encouraging.

3D Printing Medical Solutions Helping Experts in Medicine Save Lives

3D printing medical devices and implants for patients is now rapidly proliferating through the field of surgical medicine, creating a sweeping revolution in modern medicine.

Presently, with the help of advanced 3D imaging technology and well-adapted GPU processors to capture and manipulate that information, many hearing aids and dental crowns are now being 3D-printed to a custom fit for the patient, as well as one-time use, custom surgical instruments and even prosthetic limbs for amputees.

The technical term for 3D printing is additive manufacturing, because it adds material in layers to manufacturer a complex 3D object of any shape from a digital design file on a computer.

The Medical Revolution

The 3D printing revolution in medicine is both just beginning and well under way: 28 percent of all medical technology and pharmaceutical companies are already using 3D printing, according to a recent survey of 12 [...]

3D Systems to refine market focus

3D Systems New Board Members continue focus on Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Healthcare

3D Systems targets defense and automotive markets with new board appointments

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