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The path from prototyping to production poses a number of challenges. The company that’s most successful during this transition are best positioned for success moving forward. With our traditional manufacturing background and key vendors we work with clients from the prototype phase through to production, hopefully these key factors to success can provide some insight into your next project:

Start with 3D Printing to Create Rapid Prototypes

Many firms choose SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) for their initial prototypes due to cost, fit and function that this technology provides. Depending on your industry, SLA, CJP and FDM printing are also good options. SLS, builds parts using a strong, flexible nylon material, is an ideal fit in most instances. The process is accurate, fast and cost-effective – particularly on a low-volume basis, and allows clients to quickly fit-check their design and make any adjustments before gravitating to subtractive machining (where errors can potentially be more costly).

3D [...]

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