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Advantages of 3D Printed Vehicle Replacement Parts

Mercedes-Benz / Daimler Buses, already use 3D printed components for their spare parts

A pocket-friendly and fast-paced process that allows you to make physical objects out of customizable designs made on a computer screen will inevitably find its use in the automobile industry; particularly the spare parts sector.

Many automobile companies, like Mercedes-Benz or Daimler Buses, already use intricate 3D-printed components for their vehicles and spare parts. Daimler has also listed on its website an entire list of 3D printed replacement parts for their buses, and users can get those parts delivered to their homes. Mercedes-Benz 3d-prints about 1 hundred thousand spare parts to send to its offshoot companies annually.  Evidently, this has been a successful endeavor for the company and many others.

3D technology allows for the printing materials to be just about anything; rubber, plastic or metal. So practically any part of a vehicle can be repaired, replaced and remade. Most of it is wiring, brackets, spacers, covers, drawers, rings, caps, retaining strips, ducts or springs. [...]

The automotive industry is one sector that has embraced 3D printing with both hands. While consumers are still not sure about whether 3D printing serves a practical purpose in their everyday lives, and some industries are still skeptical of the benefits, 3D printing is producing some fantastic results for car manufacturers and related companies. Here is our assessment of the top ten printed automotive applications that are in use right now.

  1. Ai Design – Ai design is known for its bespoke interior items that are often seen on high-end cars. These parts include the ability to add radar detectors, SatNav units and smartphones into the car’s interior for full use and accessibility. The company has been using 3D printed parts that are cheaper, more flexible and feature even more innovative designs than before.
  2. Automotive Lenses – The first impression from automotive parts manufacturers was that it would be difficult to achieve clear lenses due [...]

Michelin Reveals Visionary 3D Printed Concept Tire

Michelin is pushing the limits of what’s possible for 3D printing
Michelin Reveals Visionary 3D Printed Concept Tire

Michelin is pushing the limits of what’s possible for 3D printing in automotive, unveiling a concept 3D printed tire called the “Michelin Visionary Concept,” the French tire company’s vision for the future of tires using 3D printing technology to create a tire that is both a wheel and tire at the same time.

The concept is the result of research on current and near-future 3D printing technologies and techniques, as well as extensive interviews with over ninety people from various fields and walks of life.

Airless, Durable, Retreadable, Recyclable

In theory the concept tire should be able to last the entire lifespan of the car itself without needing replacement. Also noteworthy, this tire is airless, and comprised of a biomimetic structure that can have its tread re-printed by a 3D [...]

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