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3D Printing Goes to Space: NASA’s Orion Capsule

The Orion capsule will feature more than 100 3D printed parts

NASA’s jump into deep-space is not only a significant step in the space race, but it also has implications for other industries. The 3D printing industry is one that will be watching the events of the coming weeks and months with special interest. The Orion capsule, which NASA is launching in 2019, will feature more than 100 3D printed parts.


Moon and Beyond

NASA’s Orion capsule is set to depart in 2019 when it will first take off for the moon. However, it is not the capsule’s final destination, with NASA hoping to push its capsule into deep space – areas where no capsule has gone before. It is a completely uncrewed mission, given the length of time and the potential risks involved. The flight is earmarked as Exploration Mission-1, or EM-1, by NASA.

The plan is to have a successful launch and exploration for EM-1, which could be a precursor to another launch [...]

The Benefits of Industrial 3D Printing for Aerospace Components

Innovative, ergonomic and cost-effective ways into the global market

3D printing has been finding innovative, ergonomic and cost-effective ways into the global market for about three decades now. Industrially, it has proven to be extremely effective in meeting customer requirements, rapid mass manufacturing, and unmatchable production costs. Moreover, it is environment-friendly in the sense that it minimizes the machinery waste produced by reusing the raw products.

One of the ways in which this ergonomic process has made its mark is in the aerospace industry; in the building and remaking of machinery that is designed for aviation.


Contemporary Applicability of 3D-Printed Aerospace Machinery

In July 2016, Alcoa Technology, the world’s largest light metal research center, expanded its facility and adopted a 3D printing technique to develop the company. The very same year, a group of Idaho students designed and handcrafted the state’s first 3D printed satellite called MakerSat-0 which made its space debut through NASA in the year that followed.

Following in the footsteps [...]

3D Printing and the United States Airforce

Everything from weapons parts to bombs to military gear could contain 3D printed components

The United States Air Force never stops working on strategy to make Americans safer. And a lot of the time, these strategies involve new technologies, or developing new methods of using existing tech. One of the resources that will prove very useful to the Air Force in the coming years is 3D printing. While most people think of 3D printing being used in commercial manufacturing or the healthcare industries, it also has a big impact on the military and Air Force. Everything from weapons parts to bombs to military gear could contain 3D printed components in the future.

Advanced Ordnance Technologies Program

There is a program in the United States Air Force referred to as Advanced Ordnance Technologies. The goal of the program is to ensure that future bombs are lighter, smaller and leaner – while still packing a devastating punch. Why? Because the lighter and smaller a bomb, the easier it is to deploy [...]

3D Printing and Aerospace Technology: Going the Distance

The impact of 3D printing on the aerospace industry
3D Printing and Aerospace Technology: Going the Distance

The impact of 3D printing on the aerospace industry is hard to overstate. While the average consumer may not be very interested in buying a 3D printer for their home, major manufacturers and industries are taking a different route. These companies see 3D printing as a way to reduce the cost of production, improve existing technologies, and make new advancements. There is a real belief that an improvement and evolution in 3D printing technology will have a massive impact on the future of the aerospace industry.

3D printing is now responsible for the manufacturing of complex engine parts, cabin interior parts, and much more. The aerospace industry can use 3D printing to create parts that perform better, cost less and require less time to put together, and [...]

3D Printing and the Race for Air Domination

3D Printing and the Aviation Industry

When most people hear about 3D printing, we think of smaller items that you can use around the house. But the concept of 3D printing is not limited to knick-knacks or products that you can use around the house. There are very real commercial and military uses for 3D printing – and the aviation industry is a great place to look for those answers. It is incredible how aero engineers are using 3D printing as a means for obtaining better product design and quicker manufacturing for military aircraft and accessories.

3D Printing and the Aviation Industry

It was in 2016 when we saw the first aircraft that was made using 3D printing. At the time, we did not realize the connection between 3D printing and military aircraft, but it was obvious. Airbus introduced us to an aircraft that was made exclusively with 3D printing. The entire structure weighed 21kg and was about four meters in [...]

3D Printing in Aerospace & Consumer Electronics to Reach $11 Billion by 2022

3D Printing in Aerospace & Consumer Electronics Will Grow 28.2%
"Industry leaders are keen to implement 3D printing technology in the aerospace..."

According to a report released Thursday, the research of one global market research company indicates that the market for commercial and consumer 3D printing solutions in aerospace and consumer electronics will likely grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 28.2% during the period six-year period from 2016 to 2022 and reach a total market value of $11 Billion (USD).

In the report, the research group stated that:

“Industry leaders are keen to implement 3D printing technology in the aerospace and consumer electronics domain to improve manufacturing processes and reduce inventory. Moreover, investment support from the government and smart initiatives from key industry players are driving this market.”

Some of key players in this emerging market are: 3D Systems, Stratasys, Boeing, Aerojet Rocket Dyne, GE Aviation, Optomec, XYZ Printing, HP Development Company, Rolls-Royce, Safran Turbomeca, and Airbus.

Many of these key players are commercial aerospace companies eager to harness the awesome, paradigm-shifting power of [...]

3D Printing SLS Design Guide

Selective Laser Sintering Design Guidelines
SLS Design Guide Selective Laser Sintering Design Guidelines

This SLS Design Guide is to guide those interested in the layered Additive Manufacturing process known as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) which allows for the direct digital manufacture of complex parts that may be cost-prohibitive and/or impossible to produce through traditional manufacturing processes. eg: internal features, undercuts, and negative drafts.


Meeting all design requirements including physical properties, dimensional tolerances, appearance and cost is what differentiates a prototype from a production part. Typically, prototype parts involve compromises in one or more areas and almost always involve compromises in physical properties.

SLS produces parts from impact-resistant engineering plastic, great for low- to mid-volume end-use parts, enclosures, snap-fit parts, automotive moldings and thin-walled ducting.While the SLS process has been around for years, recent advancements in materials and process control have resulted in parts that are suitable for many production applications.


PRO – Complex shapes can be [...]

3D Systems to refine market focus

3D Systems New Board Members continue focus on Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Healthcare

3D Systems targets defense and automotive markets with new board appointments

Northrop Grumman Gets Quick Results From Stereolithography

Northrop Grumman’s uses SLA additive manufacturing technologies to create tools
Northrop Grumman’s uses 3D Systems SLA additive manufacturing technologies

Aircraft maintenance and repair personnel have a tough job – for a number of reasons. First, they must ensure that every part on the aircraft they service can withstand the rigors of flight, so that risks to the safety of the crew and any passengers that might be on board are minimized. They also must minimize aircraft downtime while making sure that repair costs are controlled.

Northrop Grumman Corp., El Segundo, Calif., has mastered this balancing act, largely due to the efforts of its Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (RP&M) team.

Northrop Grumman’s RP&M team has shown a remarkable ability for creating the perfect modification tool for the task at hand. The team also discovered a surefire method for reducing to an absolute minimum both the time and cost associated with building those tools.

Northrop Grumman’s RP&M team uses 3D Systems SLA additive manufacturing technologies to create [...]

3D Printed Casting Patterns for Aerospace

Dave Pellegrino at Vaupell delivers the story on how antimony-free casting patterns, printed on 3D Systems SLA 3D printers, transform their casting process for aerospace parts
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