3D Scanning & Metrology

Evolv3D offers metrology and digital inspection tools that significantly increase quality, rapidly identify issues, and builds productivity

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Evolv3D metrology and digital inspection tools

Evolv3D’s team uses Geomagic Control X metrology software to provide a measurement process that is fast, precise and information-rich with reporting and analysis to enable significant productivity and quality gains in your manufacturing workflow.


We provide accurate measurement and fast analysis of manufactured parts and assemblies for anyone looking to significantly build quality in manufactured parts and assemblies.


We will conduct First Article inspections using the CAD-based dimensioning tools and have communication-ready information quickly and accurately. Native CAD importers including those which contain model-based GD&T definition are delivered standard at no additional cost.

Conducting pre-planned inspection

CAD-Aware Dimensioning

  • 3D scanning prevented a $20,000 mistake, and helped avoid a four-week production delay.B & J Specialty
  • We saved 1 month of production line downtime and about $490,000 in resultant costs through rapid inspectionSchneider Electric
  • The uncertainty threshold of test results has been improved ten-fold – from 2mm with the caliper process to 0.2mm using 3D scanning and processing.U.S. Army
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