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ProX 300

Metal 3D printing for industrial applications
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3D Systems brings its legendary reliability and repeatability to production-level Direct Metal Printing (DMP) with the ProX® DMP 300 3D printer.

The ProX DMP 300 3D printer makes additive manufacturing an industrial option for the production of metal parts. The ProX DMP 300 is the largest in our DMP range, offering a build volume of 9.8 x 9.8 x 11.8 in (250 x 250 x 300 mm). It features an automated material loading and recycling system, and supports materials including Maraging 1.2709, Stainless 17-4PH, CoCr, and AlSi12.

The ProX DMP 300 is a high-performance, high-quality alternative to traditional manufacturing processes, offering reduced waste, greater speeds for production, short set up times, very dense parts, and the ability to produce very complex assemblies as a single parts.

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Model: ProX 300
Manufacturer: 3D Systems
Laser power/type: 500 W/Fibre laser
Laser wavelength: 1070 nm
Layer thickness range: Adjustable, min10 μm max 50 μm
Build envelope capacity (X x Y x Z): 9.84 x 9.84 x 11.81 in (250 x 250 x 300 mm)
Metal material choice: Stainless steels, tool steels, non-ferrous alloys, super alloys and others
Ceramic material choice: Cermet (Al2O3; TiO2) and others
Repeatability: x=20 μm, y=20 μm, z=20 μm
Minimum detail resolution: x=100 μm, y=100 μm, z=20 μm
Electrical Requirements: 400V / 15 KVA / 3 phase
Compressed Air Requirements: 6-8 bar, CE
Certification: CE

Space Requirements (W x D x H)

Dimensions uncrated: 95 x 87 x 95 in (240 x 220 x 240 cm)
Weight uncrated: 11000 lbs (approx. 5000 kg)

Control System & Software

Software tools: Processing - Manufacturing
Control software: PX Control
Operating system: Windows XP
Input data file format: STL, IGES, STEP
Network type and protocol: Ethernet 10/100 , RJ-45 Plug


Recycling system: Optional external system (PX BOX)

Material Handling

Loading system: Automatic

Make: 3D Systems
Model: ProX DMP 300
Print Technology: DMP
Condition: CPO
Location: Aurora, ON, Canada
Layer Thickness: 0.001"

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